Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1.Getting Started
  • How long does it take to get my app on the app stores?

    If you order a Custom package, we'll have your app published in 2-4 weeks. Professional packages take a little longer, normally 3-6 weeks. Be sure to get us any needed logos or documentation as quick as you can to keep the publication time short.

  • What phones can my app be downloaded to?

    Your app will be available for download to iPhone, iPad and Android.  We will actually build 3 separate apps for each of these app stores so your app looks and functions better!

  • How do I get started?

    Getting started is quick and easy.

    If you will be ordering a Custom package, simply go to our pricing page and click on "Customize Your App Today" in the Custom column.  You'll be taken to an order form where you can choose your app's layout, background and provide needed information.  You'll need to provide us with a high resolution logo.

    If your agency will need the Professional package, just click on "Contact Us To Get Started" in the Professional column and we will contact you.  We'll take a few minutes with you to find out what you need so we can get started on your app.  We'll need to get a logo, staff & office information and other information as needed.  We'll do the heavy lifting!

  • 2.Pricing
  • Why do I need to pay a monthly fee?

    We've kept your monthly fee low but you'll be amazed at what it brings you. Unlimited push notifications, Continued operating system updates, Download statistics, Ongoing changes to your app and of course monthly support.

  • What are the differences in the 2 pricing packages?

    The Custom package is a top of the line package that you can put together yourself.  On the order form you can choose your layout and backgrounds, carriers and specify your contact information.  There are a few features that are not available with this package but for most small agencies, this is a great way to go.

    The Professional package is for agencies that need multiple office locations, staff directories, QQ integration or deeper customization.

    With both packages, your app is listed in the app stores in your name and your logo/icon will be on your customer's phones.


  • 3.App Function
  • Can I send push notifications to my customers through my app?

    Push notifications are a powerful way to stay engaged with your customers.  If used properly, you can see an increase in retention numbers through using push notifications.  We make it easy to send unlimited push notifications with active links and geo location parameters.

  • Does the app integrate with any management systems?

    We currently integrate with QQ Catalyst to bring in your customer's policy information and ID cards.  If you use QQ Catalyst you'll need the Professional package to integrate-- this will save you time and money with all that it offers your customers.

    If you don't use QQ, don't worry!  We always integrate with carriers for Payments, ID Cards and Claims.

  • Can my customers make payments through the app?

    We integrate with your carriers for Payments, ID Cards and Claims.  Nice and easy!

  • 4.Support
  • What type of support can I expect once my app is published?

    We provide continuing support in 2 ways. First, we give you access to your app's dashboard where you can make changes and update your app if you want to on your own. Or Second, just get in touch and we can help with any issues.

  • What happens when new versions of IOS or Android come out?

    We always keep your app undated to include the latest updates of operating systems.  We also republish your app annually to make sure all of your app store properties are updated and ready to go.

  • 5.General Questions
  • Do you have a back end dashboard that I can access?

    Once your app is published, we'll take some time with you to show you how to use your dashboard where you can make changes to your app, check download statistics and send push notifications.  The dashboard makes this a complete app package that should serve you well for years to come.

  • Is my app free to download?

    Your app will be available as a free download from the app stores with no limits to the number of downloads.

  • How will I know if anybody downloads my app?

    You can view your download statistics through your dashboard once your app is published.

  • Will my app be in my name in the app store?

    You bet!  It's important that your clients download your app in your name, not a generic name or carrier's name.  Your app will be in your agency's name with your logo-- what a powerful way to promote your agency's branding!  And the icon on your customer's phone will be your logo/icon, that's valuable advertising space.

  • What icon will my customers see on their phone?

    They will see your logo/icon that carries your branding.  Your customers leave home every day with 2 things- their keys and their phones.  Where else can you find such prime marketing space at such an affordable price?

  • How can I promote my app to my customers?

    Once your app is published, we'll provide you with download links and QR codes that you can use to get the word out to your customers.  You can use these in email blasts, email signatures, post cards or anything that promotes a customer touch.  Be sure to check out our Marketing Package as well!

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