I was recently speaking with an insurance agent and she said something that changed the way I view the role of an agent. During our conversation, she said to me in a matter of fact way, “I don’t sell insurance.” Knowing what her role entailed as an insurance agent in her agency, I knew that she had sold plenty of insurance. Interested in what she meant, and somewhat confused, I asked, “Well if you don’t sell insurance… what DO you sell?”

“I sell my service. I sell a great, convenient customer experience. “

As an independent insurance agent, she represents many of the same carriers as other independent agents. What sets her apart? Her ability to provide her customers with a positive experience.

I’ve noticed this as I look at the marketing efforts of many insurance companies today. What is it that they market? Do they spend commercial time talking about how great their coverage is? Or do they spend their marketing dollars telling people how easy they are to work with (ex: you can get a quote in x minutes)?

Today’s customer wants convenience. What can you do to bring that to your customer?

This is part of why we create mobile apps for independent insurance agencies. A mobile app allows a customer to navigate through the insurance process easily. It makes you more accessible, all while not increasing your workload. Today’s consumer is searching for a positive customer experience, which is exactly what you are trying to sell. A mobile app is an extension of your service, right into the hand of your consumers.

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