According to a recent report by Flury, the average U.S. Consumer spends an average phone-groupof 2 hours and 42 minutes on their mobile devices per day. Yes I said it- Nearly 3 hours on a mobile device.  PER DAY.

For fun, let’s examine what you can do with 2 hours and 42 minutes ( just to name a few):

Watch a professional sporting event (entire NBA game, most of an MLB or NFL game)

Ride the train from Philadelphia to New York City and back

Go see the newest Hobbit movie

Watch 40 (or more) YouTube videos

Other than the fact that these activities all take around 3 hours, what else do they have in common? All present highly desired platforms for companies to market to consumers. First hand, I have seen companies pay top dollar for a piece of prime marketing real estate- a company logo in the stands at a sports stadium or an ad on a YouTube video- with hopes that consumers will become familiar with them. Consumers like to do business with those they are familiar with.


I was recently speaking with an agent who is well know and highly respected in the insurance industry. He held his phone to me, and referring to his mobile device said, “This is the real estate I need to be on.” What a powerful declaration! One’s mobile device is not only a way to communicate with others, but it is a great way for you to keep you and your insurance agency in front of your customers!

This is a part of why we build mobile apps for insurance agencies. This is why we have your logo as the icon of your app, and we have the app in your name in the app store. People are spending a large part of their day on their mobile device, so what better real estate to market on? With your logo as the icon, your consumers see you on their home page- right next to Facebook, music, photos, and everything else that adds up to nearly 3 hours a day. You want to stay in front of your customer without being overwhelming? Don’t worry; we can get you an app for that!




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